Note from Gen Sec


It has been noted that over the past few months

that the filling in of the individual competition

cards has deteriorated dramatically.

The card collectors have a difficult enough job

In checking and inputting the results from the cards

without having to interpret what the results are.


When filling in the cards please legibly:

Write the name of the competition in full.

Fill in the date, start time and starting hole.

Write your name(s) in full not just your first name.

Fill in your handicap(s).

Fill in the scores in the correct columns.

Add up the scores, particularly the stableford scores and total.

The marker should sign the card as should the player after

checking that the scores are correct.


All singles competitions are now classed as qualifiers

from 1st January and the above will assist the

Handicap Secretary in checking the cards for handicapping purposes.