Notes from the Gen. Sec.


Contact Details:

Telephone: 01245263192

Email address:


Current News


Up to date information and results for the following are contained within

the following individual pages of the website:

Vets Committee minutes

Course Committee minutes

Current results of Winter League competition

Current results of Golfer of the Year competition

Current results Dennis Morley Trophy competition


Making payments using Bank Transfer


To make a payment to the Vets Treasurer, Malcolm Harlow, with on line banking,

write FPGG Vets in the box, designated name of recipient,

Sort code 20-97-40, account number 10382655 and write in what you are

paying for e.g. Christmas 3 club or Guest Day.


Telephone Lists.


Comprehensive members telephone lists are available to individual members.

If anyone requires a copy, and gives me their email address, I will send you an up to date copy.


Club ties, caps, shirts etc.


Club ties, caps, are available from Mike Donovan. Shirts and sweaters can be purchased directly from Personalise,

24, Crittal Road, Witham, CM23DR, Tel no. 01376521020, website.

If you have any queries see Mike Donovan..


New members please note that is you wish to take part in the friendly matches against a number of other clubs, noted in the current club diary

you are expected to wear a club shirt and or sweater for the match and a club tie and jacket for the meal afterwards, if specified, otherwise smart casual


New Members


Anyone wishing to join the Vet' Section should contact me personally. Contact details as above.

The present joining fee is 5.00 per annum and there is a separate entry fee of 3.00 per weekly competition.


Special competitions, such as the Winter League and Summer Knockouts, are subject to additional entry fees.


A welcome pack will be given to each new member containing all the comprehensive information

on the Vets' Section that they will require.




Item 1 All new members must have an official club handicap before they can fully participate

in the Vets' competitions. i.e. winning trophies and prizes.

If a new member does not have an official club handicap obtained at a previous club, he can enter the

Vets' competitions to obtain the three signed cards necessary for the Handicap Secretary to award an official club handicap.


Item 2 The handicap sheets on the main notice board are not always up to date and so members

are encouraged to register with the website where via a password

they can access the up to date club handicap list and check their handicap.

Please also note that the handicaps shown on the website are not

official updates and should not be used in competitions

An additional feature of registration with howdidido is that you will receive an email

advising of your handicap changes up or down.

Should any member be in doubt concerning what their handicap is, they should contact myself, Harry Whiteman.

If they have any queries concerning the actual handicap they should contact Kevin Royan the Handicap Secretary.

Note: The above addresses are only for information and are not intended as web links.


Members Queries.


If members have any queries that they want answered, on any subject concerning the Vets' Section, let me have them and I will endeavour

to provide a satisfactory answer in the first instance. If I can't, I will take the query to the Committee

and an official answer will be provided to the member in due course.


Incapacitated Members.


If members know of other members who are unable to play in competitions due to injury or illness, please let Alan Wilson know..

We can then keep a check on their progress and we hope their return to playing in the competitions again.



Harry Whiteman - General Secretary October 2019